About Me

“And though she be but little she is fierce”.

A little bit about me.

I was about to say welcome to you guys, but I should probably welcome myself first!!

Hey, I’m Shauna, I’m 25 and from Ireland. For a while I have thought about starting a blog, why not jump on the band wagon!! But honestly I had nothing to give, I wasn’t that exciting…..until this year anyway. My background is in beauty, and recently I have started my Higher Diploma in counselling and psychotherapy. Still not that great right?! Well today, as I write this I am recovering from open heart surgery. I am 9 days post op, very sore and stiff, but as I’m sure you’ll come to realize I am positive, upbeat and chilled out. Before my surgery I had been doing research into open heart surgery and the journeys people went on and honestly, there wasn’t a lot out there. Yes people have went through it and told of their diseases and everything else but from a young woman’s perspective there wasn’t a whole lot. I wanted details, I wanted to know what to expect and information about where I was going.