New Year, same me…more fun!!

Hello again, and happy 2018. We made it!!!! I hope all your Christmases and New Years were as good as mine, don’t worry I’m not going on a wild bragging journey because to most of you I probably had the most boring Christmas ever, but I loved it. I cooked my first Christmas dinner………in my pyjamas, glass of wine in hand, what more could you ask for!!! Mind you there was enough to feed an army but hey, we still managed the mince pies and chocolates after (and before the dinner too!!!)

After the festivities were over I was back to the gym, and back to the doctor. After my last appointment I was asked to get a 24hr BP monitor fitted and a stress test done. I got my monitor and went about my day but most of the time, to me it didn’t record so I can’t be sure how accurate the results will be. With the New Year here I decided, not to have a ‘resolution’ because realistically it only causes disappointment when they come crashing down, even with the best of intentions!! So, I decided to challenge myself more, do more of what I think I can’t do, then do it better. After my surgery, as many of you will know and may have experienced there are so many days when even walking up the stairs is an effort. Those days when you think you’re fine then all of a sudden, you’re looking for a pain-killers and anything that will help ease the pain. So being 8months post op, pain free and feeling great why not start something new and see what my body can do next.

I’ve said before on here about my love of fitness and keeping healthy and my latest love of Pilates, and although I was enjoying being in the gym it became too samey for me. There was no challenge anymore, so it was time for a change. I joined a new gym, now many of you wont think this is a massive thing but when I have been in the same place for 7 years it was to me. I was so unsure of myself, will I be able for classes, will they even want to train me after my surgery. Now before, all of these thoughts would have put me off and I wouldn’t have bothered, but I gave myself a talking to (I talk to myself anyway, first sign of madness eh?!) anywho, I listened and went with it. Thank God I did, it was the best decision I made. The trainers are so lovely and understanding, they push me but just enough, and its such good fun. To get out of your own head for a full hour of the day after work is the best thing you can do for your mind and body. I have my classes twice a week and PT once a week. I have seen myself getting so much stronger, not just physically but mentally in the gym. At the start all I though was, no I can’t do that, I might get my symptoms or I’ll hurt my chest but the difference of having someone there to reassure you is massive. Of course I still have doubts about my abilities, I probably always will but some day they might go away and ill trust myself a bit more, but until then surrounding yourself with the right people is the best thing you can do, if anyone near me is looking for a new start I couldn’t recommend the guys in Fitness Journey enough.

So just in case that wasn’t enough of course I’m still doing my Pilates with the lovely Kelly. Its my Friday night treat going to Pilates. Myself and Kelly honestly laugh more that we do Pilates half of the time, I’m pretty sure that’s the best ab workout you can get!!! We have so much fun every time and she is always up for something new to try with me. Kelly knows my stubborn streak and she knows that if I can’t do something the first time then god help us all because ill do it every week until I can. Finding something this much fun, with someone who has so much life and positivity really makes working out more of a fun night in then a chore (BluePilates is Kelly’s Pilates page, check her out on insta, serious messing!!!)

Apart from all my fitness things there a few more things lined up for the year but let’s see how they work out before I let you guys know, I know, I love a good secret I do 😀 Typically in January people are down and out and giving out about the weather and the dark evenings, and the lack of money, and whatever else they can think about. Thankfully my January has been the total opposite. It has been filled with laughs until my belly aches, fun times with friends and new adventures. If the rest of the year is as good as the start I think, without jinxing it that 2018 could be the best one yet!!!!

I am aware that February is heart month, not just on the 14th you love birds out there ❤ But this month is so important for awareness to heart disease or heart health in general. Realistically every month, every day there should be an awareness for heart health. For me, if I hadn’t followed my instincts and kept looking for answers who knows where I would be in a few years, having been told I wouldn’t be able to carry a pregnancy, early heart failure along with everything else, as a young woman was a huge thing. If you think there is something wrong either with you, with your child or anyone close to you go and ask a doctor. And keep asking, if, in you heart (pardon the pun) you think there is something wrong then go and get checked. Keep your heart healthy, eat the right food, make your heart sweat a bit and work it out now and then, just do your best. It’s looked after you for this long so why not repay the favour.

So, there it is, the latest from Leamy HQ……… or me sitting on the sofa with the cat typing this blog, either way there you have it!!! Have a look at Instagram shaunaleamy if you want to follow the fun and lols (its not full of photoshop and healthy food recipes so don’t get too excited!! But its genuine.) Its been emotional, but its been fun.

Keep on Keeping on, we’ll get there



Pic Credit: World of Fitness, Facebook.

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