4 Month Birthday….. or Post-Op Day!!

Hi out there!! Another day, another month into recovery. Exactly 4months to the day on the 23rd. Better and better each day and learning something new about recovery all the time.

My latest learning came during last weekend. We celebrated my sister’s hen in Carrick on Shannon and we had a brilliant weekend. Lots of laughs, bubbles, dancing and serious messing!!! We got dolled up and headed out for the night, heels, makeup and dancing all night was brilliant. It was lovely to be back out dancing and singing like I used to on a night out, but of course I paid for it the next day…… and I don’t mean I had a hangover, thankfully Andrea took care of that for all of us! Obviously, I overdid the dancing and carrying bags around the place and spent the next day, and until Tuesday on painkillers to combat the aftermath, that will teach me for thinking I’m Beyoncé on the dancefloor, if only!!!

Anyhow, I got over all of that and learned that, for some reason high heels post open heart surgery is not a good idea, I don’t know why but they must adjust your posture some way that sets things out of balance (and no I’m not getting rid of my many pairs of heels, ill shut up and put up, pain is beauty after all!!!) Speaking of posture, I’ve taken up Pilates and for anyone out there looking for good exercise post-surgery I can’t recommend Pilates enough (obviously listen to your doctor’s advice!!). I have found it so good for my strength, core muscles, flexibility, and generally feeling good. Find yourself a good instructor and try to get a few one on one sessions to get you started. During this time in recovery I have found myself needing to remind myself what has gone on, when you have been healing for so long and get your strength back up its easy to lose track of what’s happened. Trying to put yourself first sometimes is difficult, so I have found anyway. Thankfully I started back to college recently too which helps a lot with self-care. Studying counselling and psychotherapy makes you think about self-care a lot, and although I love doing whatever I can for other people, sometimes we need a reminder that its ok to look after yourself sometimes.

Honestly, like my last post I had to think about what I had to tell you guys. That I should only write when there was something wrong, it has also made me realise how boring my life is!!!! If there is anyone out there having a read over my blog, drop me a line, let me know what’s bothering you and if you have anything to ask, go for it. I’ll talk to a brick wall so let’s talk!! This was a quick one to check in, let me know how you guys are and if there’s anything you need to know that I could help with hit me up.

Keep on keeping on, we’ll get there.



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