What happens next? 16 weeks post op

Honey, I’m home!!! I know I’ve been off air with updates for the past while so it got me to thinking as to why. When I started this blog, my main focus was to try my very best to reach out to someone, anyone who is facing into one of these operations, or someone who is with someone going through it, whether I’ve done that or not I don’t know but I’m going to continue regardless. When I started to post my updates there was always some sort of medical things to talk about and give you guys an insight, so what happens now?? What happens when there are not more ‘medical’ updates to give, well now comes the fun stuff I guess, the ‘living’ side of post op, the part that everyone speaks about before-hand and how to deal with it.

The last post I was starting back to work and have been for the past 4 weeks. Like I said before, I love what I do but its physical, and its hard work. A busy day will usually leave me with pain and being exhausted tired but that is getting easier as the weeks go by. I meet all walks of life in my job, and most recently I had a cardiac nurse walk into the salon. It was great to chat with her and see what she thought about ant questions I had. My clients have all been lovely and understanding, and those who didn’t know I had been sick have the typical surprised look that I have also gotten used to. Life is starting to go back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is!!!!). I’ve been out with friends for drinks and fancy afternoon tea with Martin (speaking of which, how lovely was his post last week!!!). When I was out with the girls over the weekend I found myself very conscious of my surroundings and trying to stay away from people hitting off me, easier said than done in a club full of people!! It was fine until I got a shoulder to the chest, it’s something else to get used to, I don’t walk around with a sign on my head that says “Caution, Open Heart Surgery Post Op” on my forehead…… Maybe I should!!! Anyhow, it was lovely to be back out and getting dressed up like I used to and feeling back to myself.

There’s something else to think about when you get to this stage, 16 weeks on and only the last week I have felt like getting dressed up and going out. The week before then was a different story. I had been working a full 5 days and had a very busy Saturday at work. On the way home, I had the lovely thoughts of a cold glass of vino, so I arranged with Martin to go for one. I got home and started to get ready, half way through doing my makeup I got some niggles in my chest, of course I ignored them, until they got worse. Maybe it was the trauma of doing my eyeliner who knows!!!! Either way I ended up in a ball in my bed crying with pain, I don’t need to explain that I never got my wine and had painkillers instead!!! My ever right body giving me a kick up the backside telling me not to be stupid, it used to be mam doing that now my own body has taken over!!! I always thought that unless I had something useful to tell you guys on this blog then there’s no point in writing this. I don’t know who reads this, if its helped anyone but I’ll keep going nonetheless. Some of you may be bored to tears, but if you’re reading this then you can’t be that bored!!!

If there is anyone reading this and are in the throes of recovery just go with it. Trust your body and believe in yourself that you’re doing what is right for you. I know I am upbeat and positive about a lot of my recovery and I am thankful for that but it hasn’t been easy, and I didn’t expect it to be. Trying to be strong minded about all of this is half the battle, I read a lot before my operation and saw that it was easy to get down after this and I can see how. I tried my best to get my head around a lot of things before my operation, I even looked up pictures of the ICU so I was prepared, as much as I could be as to what I was going to see when I woke up. I looked up pictures of the hospital room and other people’s scars. That was my way of being prepared mentally for all of this, the physical part was to follow. I documented my physical recovery here and everyone is different. I wanted to be up and about as soon as I could. What I wasn’t prepared for was after all that initial phase, the phase I’m in now, 16 weeks where everyone assumes you’re fine and almost forget what’s happened. When you get too tired that you need to sit down people ask why? sure you’re better now. It’s understandable to forget that this has happened to someone when they seem fine, but try to understand, try to allow them not to be ok. It’s the thing I have found the hardest that its ok not to be ok. That sometimes, when people don’t understand why you’re tired, or why you have pain to listen to yourself and remind yourself what has happened and don’t take those people literally. So, they think you’re fine, the only one who matters in all of this is you, trust yourself and listen to your body, the rest will follow. ❤ ❤

Keep on keeping on, until next time.



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