Thank You ❤️

This arrived to my inbox this morning, nothing more to say but thank you, for everything ❤

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide what to do.” 

Martin here again, yes, I’ve been mentioned a couple of times throughout this journey. 15 weeks ago today Shauna lay in an ICU unit in hospital having come through major surgery the day previous. From the moment Shauna told me the surgery was needed my mind began to run overtime all the different scenarios, what will, could, can happen during a procedure of this magnitude. Yet she was un-phased by the whole ordeal, smiling, laughing wondering what it would be like afterwards and a sense of achievement that all those years spent going from doctor to doctor with her wonderful mother was time very well spent with an outcome that your search for an answer was over.

Shauna, you might kill me for writing this section to your blog but I think it’s time your followers get an insight into you. Your personality, kindness, strength both physically and mentally. For those of you perhaps only catching this blog now (SHAME ON YOU!) Shauna has been my girlfriend of over 8 years, 8 years with too many great memories to recall here. We’ve been through a lot together, moved out, moved home again! Travelled, gone through loss, got new jobs, college degrees, fought over GAA teams, achieved plenty for 20 somethings I think, and then of course there are the multiple pets…… below is a genuinely one of my favourite pictures from the last 8 years Shauna and Lyla.

unnamed (2)

Obviously I have been reading every blog Shauna has written and each time she shares an insight into what it’s like post-surgery. One thing she doesn’t mention is her inner strength rivalled by no one else I know.  In the last 15 weeks there have been plenty of hard times, have I heard any moaning or giving out certainly not only “so what are we going to do today?” and some days I’m just like please rest but one thing I have learned for sure is Shauna is no ‘rester’ she always likes to be on the go sometimes I have to stop and think she did have surgery only 4 or 5 weeks ago…. While I’m panned on the couch feeling sorry for myself after a couple of days work.

Where am I going with this you might ask….. on August 23rd Shauna wrote a piece entitled ‘To Mam’ this entire piece encapsulates the person you are Shauna and for those of you know her mam they are a great team alongside the 3 cats and 2 dogs….. and me. I just wanted her to know that I am so proud of her and the way she had dealt with all of this, you have been so brave throughout, strong, open-minded and above all else positive. I know you are probably sick of me saying ‘are you okay?’ ‘are you sure’ ‘you are great’ but every single time I have meant it.

Now back at work, saving for a home together begin another journey, a road I want to share with nobody else.


Martin xxx

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