To Mam.

To Mam

So, I know it hasn’t even been a week since my last post but today I wanted to write something a little different. Exactly to the day three months ago things were a little different. I would have been waking up in ICU with a long battle ahead of me. I know the only person to fight the battle was me but I couldn’t have done it alone. There were many people who rallied around me but my number one was always mam (and Martin, but you can take a backseat for this one!!!!).

For everyone who knows me and mam you’ll know that we don’t do soppy messages and hugs and kisses but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. My lovely mammy is the one who is always there. Someone told me recently that if you have a problem and you don’t like decision A or B go ask my mam, chances are she’ll give you decision Y which was ten times better than anything you came up with!!! Everyone has a mam, everyone has a different relationship with theirs but, and I think I’ll have backup here, my mam is a little different. A lot of ‘Irish Mammies’ are stereotypical, cooking, baking, fussing around their children and nagging until the cows come home but not mine. Ask my mam to cook, chances are you’ll be told to f**k off…… bake a cake??? There will probably be a fire (although you do make a mean chocolate chip bun!!!) and fussing about their children…… not unless you’re sick, which I was.

Mam was there when I woke up, when my hair was so awful looking she brushed it and put it in a plait and when I couldn’t have my first shower, up went the trousers and she came in and had more of a shower than me!!! When I wasn’t happy with the doctors she was the one who’s hackles went up and out she went, and god love them if she was on the war path!!! Mam was the one who made light of things to put a smile on my face (even if that did include telling me I looked like Frankenstein when my bandage came off my scar!!!). When word came that I could come home she was the one who had my room packed up in five minutes flat and brought me home.

For the last 12 weeks whenever I had even the smallest of pains she knew what to do. I got given out to more times than I can count for doing too much too soon, and yeah ok she was right!!! For the first 6 weeks when I couldn’t drive mam put her chauffeur hat on and brought me wherever I needed to go…… not that my life was all that exciting but it was an escape from the four walls of the house. When I first wanted to go back to the gym, mam was there making sure I didn’t overdo it, and giving me a lecture whenever I did!!!

I’m keeping this one short and sweet so mam, thank you. Thank you for being at every single doctor’s appointment, thank you for never giving up even when you thought I was crazy and thank you for just being you. There’s nothing more I could ask for and nothing more I could ever need. Repaying you something I will never be able to do but being grateful is the easiest thing I could come up with.

Now go and sh**e that’s as soppy as I’m getting!!!! Apart from saying I love you.


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