Little Wins.

So, first things first I think I’ve lost the plot!! Martin so kindly pointed out to me that this week was my 12-week mark and not last week…… All that anaesthetic has gone to my brain I think. So happy 12-week marker to me…… again!!! On this week, which is not my 13th week as I was so sure of, I am back in work, woohoo!

As some of you may have read, or maybe not, I am a beautician by trade and its lovely. No, it’s not a 9-5 Monday to Friday desk job. Its hard work, it’s always on your feet and sometimes it’s hard but a lot of the time it’s nice. Since this year I have started in a new salon and I love it. I’m working with friends, there’s a lot of laughs, and the clients are lovely. Before my operation running around all day was never a problem, sitting down never did appeal to me and ‘looking busy’ was a talent!!!! This week was harder. I have gone back part-time to ease myself back into things and although it’s not overly busy in the salon this week I still found it tough going. Thankfully everyone in the salon is understanding and when I am sitting down its more of a ‘are you ok?’ rather than ‘why are you sitting down!’. I do find myself tired easily and pain on and off during the day but its manageable and nice to reach the marker of being back in work.

The one thing I have noticed, and probably most of you reading this will experience in some form is the element of surprise. I kind of feel like a magician sometimes, and it does give me a giggle. 95% of the people who find out I have had this surgery immediately deny it!!! I know, THEY deny it not me, ‘but no, you can’t have had that you’re too young’, this generally ends with them noticing my scar and me promising them I’ve had it. I like these conversations because something in a person changes when they realise what’s happened. Maybe people think I’m some young carefree girl with no worries, and generally this is true, but when they find out it changes things. Although I may be young I’ve still had this huge challenge and I’ve overcome it and there’s a softness that comes over people when they hear it. So, whether you’ve had surgery, or you encounter someone who has, give them that respect. Even if someone has never had this surgery don’t judge someone because of their age profile, who knows what path they have walked so surely everyone deserves that softness and care right?!

Another little win in the past while is that I have started back lifting weights in the gym. Now, when I say weights I’m back at the baby weights but that’s ok. For someone who used to leg press 60-70KG and now pressing……… 0 weights on the machine it’s hard to get used to, but everyone has to start back somewhere. I got a new programme for the gym but so far, I haven’t been able to complete it. Like I’ve learned I’m listening to my body and not pushing my limits. It’s good to be back at what I enjoy and looking forward to seeing where I can get to.

Final note of my ‘exciting’ week is my baby……… breathe people I mean my German Shepherd Zach. I was able to bring him for a walk again. Under the supervision of mam of course!!! He was good as gold and loved every second. We also went back to school!!! Once a week I bring Zach with me to doggy day care where he stays for the day, gets walked with the other dogs and has a great time. We’ve done this for months and he loves it…… he barks like a wolf but I’m sure the other dogs don’t mind!!!! So, I came down in my work clothes and he knew exactly what was happening, Zach sits in the front seat beside me in the car, and although he doubled in size in three months this didn’t change!! We turned into day care, he looked at me with his ears pricked and squealed like a puppy. One of the girls took him out of the car, I didn’t even get a second glance before he went in!!!

So, there we have it, nothing exciting for everyone I’m sure but they’re all little wins for me. Little markers in this new road and something new to write until you guys get bored reading this!!!! I hope this doesn’t happen, and I hope that if there is someone reading this who thinks they know someone who could read it they send it on. Spread the link to someone who needs it and who knows who we could help.

Keep on keeping on……until next week……. which will then be week 13, not this week!!!!!!


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