Sun, Sea, and 12 weeks on

As I’m aware I have been MIA for the past few weeks, but with good reason my friends! My fabulous holiday, from which now I have post Greece blues but hey ho. My holidays were fabulous…… not to make anybody jealous but they were!! So, in my last post I was telling you about the latest saga in hospital, and thankfully that is all behind me. My pain hadn’t gotten any better so I had been speaking with my surgeon in relation to getting me to a pain management clinic at some stage if my pain is no better. He also told me to have a holiday, enjoy myself after everything that had gone on and relax, so technically I was under doctors’ orders to eat too much, relax a lot and drink the occasional one too many wines!!

I was so excited for my holidays and I learned a thing or too while I was away. Every days a school day kids so here we go. Number 1, Pack Light; I don’t know why I am saying this because I’m useless at it, I pack everything plus the kitchen sink but if you’re a better packer than me then only bring the essentials. As I was only 10 weeks post op I still wasn’t able to lift anything heavy so the suitcases were an issue. This did give me permission to accost some men to lift my cases on and off the carousel however!! Number 2, Sleep; if you or someone you know is going through this surgery sleep is their best friend anyway. Over the past few weeks I had stopped sleeping so much during the day, but this came back on holidays. My first day I slept for 2 hours and most days were the same. The sun never made me so tired, that plus the travelling and walking around so much really took it out of me but luckily, I didn’t have much else to do other than rest. Number 3, Have Fun; Being away from home, in the sun, relaxing is always the best place to be. Enjoy it, do as much as you feel comfortable and let your body heal.

OK, lesson finished! If you’re looking for a holiday please go to Greece!! The food, the weather, the islands, everything is just heaven and exactly what any person, surgery or not needs to see. Myself, dad and Martin went to Lagonissi, a resort along the coast. I had been before and it is beautiful, its quiet and away from the city. The food is fabulous, and of course the company was ok too!!! I felt great, my pain was pretty much gone and there were no worries. My only slight worry came when it was time to don my bikini. I hadn’t worn one since my operation and of course now I had my scar. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, my scar doesn’t bother me, it’s mine and it tells my story. These thoughts were with me, but being a woman, or not, I couldn’t help being curious of what people would think. Would they stare? Would anyone notice? Guess what, they didn’t. Being on social media definitely effects how we think of ourselves. While we were at the pool one day there were four girls, two separate occasions. The first two came to the pool, beautiful girls, they posed their heart out, the stood half on the steps and took pictures of each other, they found different spots and did the same thing again for a good half an hour. The second two really got under my skin. Dolled to the nines one of them lay on a mahoosive lilo in the pool while the other took out their camera and spent 30 minutes snapping pictures. Then they swapped and started all over again. I’m all for taking pictures and getting angles right but this annoyed me. All I could think is, this is what we are trying to live up to, this is why teenage girls think their lives are so much less than someone else’s posed, pretend life. How do we compete with this, we can’t, and this is what young girls are looking up to, a false life, not looking at what they have but looking and what they should have according to these images and that’s what got me (sorry, rant over!!!).

So, to round up my bikini issue (as if those girls weren’t enough to make me think twice!!!!) one of my favourite Snapchatters, Doireann Garrihy has a saying when someone is worried about themselves she says, “remember, no one gives a f**k about you” this may sound crude but hear me out. Apart from family and friends no one cares. How you look, what you do, if it doesn’t affect their lives they don’t care and that’s ok. We do it ourselves, we look at people every day and forget about it in a blink of an eye. If you have family and good friends who are there for you no matter what, then what do these other people matter. These strangers who will never see you again, so let them look, let them wonder what happened and with any luck they’ll ask questions and get informed.

So, bikinis and sunshine it was. From Lagonissi we went back to Athens, there was football on, very important matters to be addressed before we headed off again. Myself and Martin went to an island called Syros the following week. We have been to a lot of islands and this one was no different. Beautiful. In travel magazines, they make holidays look nicer than they are, they don’t need to do this in Greece they really are that beautiful. Crystal clear waters, white buildings in the hillside, food to die for, and amazing weather. We stayed for five days and had a great time. We relaxed, had nothing to rush around for and enjoyed every second.

So home it is and back to reality. 12 weeks today and I feel good, (of course it couldn’t all be plain sailing) I was back with the GP, one of my stitches (which I thought would be well gone) decided to make an escape from the inside out!!! The GP sorted it out and pulled out a stitch about the length of a pen. Anyway, life is going back to normal, work starts again next week, I can start lifting things again and getting back to the gym more now. I plan on taking it easy for the next while though, something tells me jumping straight back in in as quick as I can might be a bad idea. I’m hoping my pain will stay away but only time will tell. Its fine being on holidays and doing literally nothing for 2 weeks, its different being back to normal life. Thanks for sticking with me and sorry for the rant mid-way through!! I really hope someone is finding help from these posts but please, share my blog and help someone out. Keep on Keeping on and we’ll get there.

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