Pluses and Minuses

I’m back!! I know it’s been two weeks since my last post but well, as always there’s a tale to tell. So, I know my last post was my six-week mark, but now I’m at the 8 weeks and things aren’t much better. What I have figured out over the last week is that there are pluses and minuses to every situation, it’s just finding them that can be tough, but I did and here I am.

So, here’s what been happening. The holiday is booked…… T minus 4 days countdown is on, the jigsaw is still not done (no surprise there!) there’s a new series of suits for me to watch…… and I am just home from another week in hospital. Remember, pluses and minuses to everything. Last Wednesday night I ended up in A&E. I woke up with the most ferocious pains in my lower chest/stomach so myself and ever patient mam trekked into A&E. Usually I wouldn’t bother but after my surgery I’ve figured it’s better to be safe with these things. We got VIP que skip in A&E because of my surgery (winning!!). The pain was the most unbearable I have every felt…… even after my surgery. I got two doses of morphine and another pain killer and the pain was dulled down. At about 3/4am I couldn’t keep my eyes open but trying to sleep in A&E is like mission impossible so I didn’t bother to even try. The usual process happened, needles, bloods, questions. I learned my lesson from my time in hospital and asked the doctors everything from what their name was, what pain killers I was getting and why, all I was short of asking was what they were having for breakfast. But one lesson to take for anyone is to ask questions, be curious and want to know what’s happening with you and your treatment. I know I was in a vulnerable situation and really was unwell but from all the doctors I’ve seen I knew it had to be done.

After waiting for a few hours, the doctor came back to me. The bloods came back and a level called D-Dimers were too high, these levels indicate a clot somewhere so they had to find out where. They thought it could be my lung so they had to investigate. Of course, my first thought was…… what about my holiday, my priorities were obviously in order! After they told me this they decided they had to do scans and more tests to find out. I assumed these would be done fairly fast and I would be sent home the next day. The pain eased but then the nausea kicked in (whoever doesn’t like my honesty can skip to the next paragraph!!) I began to get sick but there was blood with it which I knew wasn’t normal. The next afternoon after almost 12hours in A&E I was brought to a ward. I was told they couldn’t do the scan in that hospital so I would have to go to a different hospital and come back. I was in a room with two other ladies, one of whom had been with me for the whole week and we had a great laugh together, I don’t usually find it hard to make friends in case you haven’t realised!

So, Friday came and I assumed I would be told when I would be brought for my scan. Now I’m no expert but I’m going to have a good guess that I annoyed the nurses so much asking them for a time for my scan that they stopped coming into my room. It didn’t matter anyway because they kept telling me they didn’t know!! I got a phone call from mam that morning…… the conversation went something like this:

Mam: Your scan is booked for 2.30

Me: How the hell do you know

Mam: Because I’m not a f*****g eegit and rang the other hospital to find out.

Me: Eh ok thanks doctor spock see you later!!!

So, I had information that the nurses didn’t, royal flush in my book! Two hours later I was told my scan would be at 2.30……. when I told them ‘yeah, I know’ the look on their face was priceless, pluses and minuses. Off I go, had my scan, we got a day trip out of hospital, great fun. When I got back I met mam on the ward. She seemed delighted with herself for some unbeknownst reason. Detective inspector mam was able to tell me that I was being discharged. Woohoo. She had overheard three doctors saying, ‘I’ll go and tell the girl on the ward that she can go home’. Now the reason she thought it was me was because the average age of the women on the ward was about 90 so it had to be me, right?? Wrong! The woman they were talking about was the other lady in my room who had been told 10 minutes before that she was going home. She’s now sacked as my PI just so everyone is aware!!!!

Being in hospital over the weekend means nothing happens, no doctors, no scans, no nothing. The next day, Saturday I decided that those poor nurses were going to want to kick me out unless I had some answers. From 7am I asked whether my scan had been read by a doctor…… When I asked them for the sixth time I was told someone had read it but it didn’t show anything. I asked to see a doctor and was told no one was available. I waited an hour and asked twice more to see a doctor, then I gave up and went for a walk to see the sights and sounds of the hospital. When I came back I was told a doctor came looking for me…… I actually think he saw me leaving the ward and then came in to see me, so I went on a doctor hunt!! Found him……. Young, good looking, friendly doctor, if you haven’t realised what I’ve been saying, pluses and minuses!! Turns out this doctor had worked with my cardiac consultant. Keep in mind I had seen a doctor that week who asked if I had my heart surgery through my leg the look of shock when I pulled down my top to show him my scar was unreal……. I’m not joking, I couldn’t make it up, so excuse me if I have lost faith in non-cardiac doctors!!!! Anyway, Mr doctor told me my scan was inconclusive and I needed another one. There might have been a clot but they weren’t sure. They were being safe which was fine but at this stage I had my fill of hospitals and needles and wanted to go home.

The next day, for any Irish reading this was Leinster final Sunday. For non-Irish reading this, this is Irish football, and the rivalry is always brilliant. Being the only Dublin fan in a Kildare hospital, when we were playing Kildare didn’t go down well. Being a Dub with a boyfriend from Kildare was even worse!!! 8 years previous Martin left me in Croke Park (our football stadium) because we won again, this time he could leave again but I was trapped. We had great fun despite the setting, I think we were the only room who were watching the match so everyone from the porters to kitchen staff were gathered round our television to watch the match. I can’t remember how many times I was told I wasn’t getting any tea because of my jersey…… It didn’t help when we won either!!!

That night myself and the lady on my ward watched TV and ate curly wurly’s, I was due my scan the next day and was looking forward to going home. I was fasting from the following afternoon and could have eaten a horse…… only to be told my scan wouldn’t be happening. Raging didn’t even cover how I felt, I was so disappointed. I felt fine, I wanted to go home, I wanted to be excited about my holiday. Then my new friend brought out the biscuits and we watched endless soaps for the night… you guessed it, pluses and minuses!!! Yesterday it happened, I got my scan. It was meant to be at 9.30am but it got moved to 12.30. I didn’t mind once it was done. The scan took 10minutes and I had my results after half an hour. Now if my maths in right this equates to a grand total of 40 minutes to tell me I didn’t have a clot, I was on day 6 being in hospital I would have much rathered the 40 minutes but hey ho. I was being discharged……. I was going home never (fingers crosses) to return there again.

After much slagging between myself and the kitchen staff I left the ward. Thank God, I was going home but I was exhausted. I felt like I had all the energy I had built back up taken from me. I was starting from scratch again, but this time I had things to look forward to. This was another hiccup along the way, a bigger one than normal but it’s over now. I had been thinking of what I was going to write after my last blog so I guess I got what I asked for!!! I know this is a long one so thanks for bearing with me. I’ve figured out in these situations, or in any situation if you can separate the pluses from the minuses, take something positive from a bad situation it will help you get through. There’s always something to look positively at, maybe not at that time but it is there. I’m going to leave you with my most glamorous photo over the last week, enjoy and keep on keeping on.


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