Passing the Time

The next few days at home fell into a routine fairly quick. I couldn’t believe that one week before then my journey had only just begun. I was tired a lot, and the first time I had a shower I needed an hour-long nap after it! This was ok, this was what my body was telling me and I was going with it. My first day home I started to build up my walks…. And yes, I was still walking up and down my estate in my pyjamas. The physios had told me to gradually build it up 5minutes every day, so they were my little goals every day.

Martin brought me out for drives in the evening, escaping the house to drive aimlessly somewhere had never been so exciting!! All my friends had been in touch and I knew they were eager to come and visit me, but I also knew I wasn’t up to it. Even the smallest thing took my energy and to meet with my friends I knew would be too much for now. It’s in times like this you find out who those friends are, the ones that say its ok not to see me for now, but never stop being in touch anyway. My neighbours were all I could have asked for, always sending me their best wishes…… and home-made bread and food which was amazing, something was telling me they were trying to fatten me back up…. Which I was more than ok with!! On that note, I had lost a lot of weight, which usually I wouldn’t mind but I knew I had, and would continue to lose muscle that I worked so hard most days to build. Least of my worries I know but something that annoyed me none the less. So in between my naps and walks in my pyjamas there wasn’t much else I could do. My pain, I didn’t find too hard to manage. But I learned my lesson the hard way, when in hospital they had been giving me paracetamol every 4 hours, which I thought nothing of. I came home and didn’t take any on my first day……. I regretted that decision. My body felt like I had been hit by a bus, so I soon went back to my pain relief every four hours.

Now, for any animal lovers out there this part is for you. I mentioned before that I have animals……well we have a little zoo at my house. 3 cats and 2 dogs. Lyla, is my British Shorthair cat, and yes, she’s my baby. Zach is our 9month German Shepherd, my other four-legged baby, and Cassie is our 6yr old golden retriever, shepherd cross, my smiley best friend. Miller is a 12yr old tabby and Izzie is mams 5yr old tortoishell cat. Now there’s the introductions but here’s the good bit. So, Lyla is a very aloof cat, anyone with a British Shorthair will know what I mean, she’ll look at you if you’re lucky!!! When I went into hospital we all thought it would be Zach who would miss me most, and he did but not as much as Lyla. Since I’ve come home she hasn’t left my side. Lyla isn’t one for cuddles and laying with you but since I’ve been home that’s all she’s done. When I go to bed, she follows and lays with me until I get up. When I’m sitting watching TV she’s with me laying on my lap, wherever I move she moves with me. For people who don’t believe that animals know when there’s something wrong, don’t knock it until you find out for yourself. As for Zach, we still have to be kept separate for now because he’s still a puppy and has a tendency to jump up. I go into him after he’s eaten, when he’s back in his bed and we have a howl off (don’t worry I have a video to show you!!) and a scratch behind the ears (his ears not mine!!!).

Every day I felt a little bit stronger but I knew not to push it. I walked up and down my town for the first time that week (not in my pyjamas this time!!), I had to take breaks but I got home and felt good for doing it, I was tired and stiff but I did it so I knew it had to get better from there. That Saturday, less than a week home Martin took me for dinner. It was my first time going out properly, and my first time to get ready and put in makeup. Usually I love getting ready, I have my music on and do my makeup like any other girl does. This time, I had my music on and was doing my makeup, but I was exhausted half way through it. I had my makeup on but still looked exhausted, and I felt it. Martin told me we didn’t have to go, but of course my stubborn streak got the better of me!! We went to dinner, I ate half of it and then had to come home. Too much too soon, story of my life!!!

That first week home taught me my lesson, its ok to be tired, its ok to tell people you can’t do something. Listen to your own body, do what it’s telling you. If you’re lucky enough to have good friends reach out and chat to them. Let people know how you are and keep them in the loop. And finally, if you’re even more lucky to have a Lyla or a Zach let them love you and take their kindness into your heart and help it heal too.

#cats #heartsurgery #bestfriends #healing


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