Who I am and Why I’m here.

Placeholder ImageI was about to say welcome to you guys, but I should probably welcome myself first!!

Hey, I’m Shauna, I’m 25 and from Ireland. For a while I have thought about starting a blog, why not jump on the band wagon!! But honestly I had nothing to give, I wasn’t that exciting…..until this year anyway. My background is in beauty, and recently I have started my Higher Diploma in counselling and psychotherapy. Still not that great right?! Well today, as I write this I am recovering from open heart surgery. I am 9 days post op, very sore and stiff, but as I’m sure you’ll come to realize I am positive, upbeat and chilled out. Before my surgery I had been doing research into open heart surgery and the journeys people went on and honestly, there wasn’t a lot out there. Yes people have went through it and told of their diseases and everything else but from a young woman’s perspective there wasn’t a whole lot. I wanted details, I wanted to know what to expect and information about where I was going.

So this is what I’m doing, my journey, my story and every one of my experiences. I don’t plan on everybody having my same story, nor would I like it, life would be way less exciting if we were all the exact same, but if this helps give one person an insight then I can move on. I would like to let everyone know of my recovery journey, the longest part, and during that I have no doubt I wont be able to get away without mentioning my life, my cats, dogs, boyfriends, beauty problems I have faced (I told you I was a beauty therapist, serious first world problems after heart surgery!!!!) and everything in between.

Please bear with me during the next while, technology isn’t my bestie but I’ll be giving it my best shot. I hope you enjoy it, let someone you know who needs a lift that they’re not alone and we can do it one beat at a time ❤

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